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The suceess story of Mezoon Travels & Tourism

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Creating Moments Worth
Money You Spend

When it comes to offering quality travel and tourism services, Mezoon Travels & Tourism is the brand endorsed by thousands of customers. The success we have achieved in the travel industry is not an overnight sensation but the result of the pursuit for excellence that we chose to chase throughout the years. It is achieved by the willingness to serve quality travel solutions for the customers every day and the sweats broken to make it come true.

Mezoon Travels & Tourism is a big name, thanks to our team, customers, and stakeholders. The number of business to business visas we issue in the UAE every month is one of the examples of rewards we earned by working hard. We remember every well-wisher who supported Mezoon Travels & Tourism throughout our journey. We aim to become one of the best travel service providers in the Middle East and India.

A satisfied customer is the best reward for a business

Excellence is the pursuit we chose to embark on for achieving customer satisfaction. Mezoon Travels & Tourism put relentless effort into pushing ourselves for quality services for customers to provide value for every penny they spend. The hunger to create value for the customers helped us build many long term relationships and thus earn more business.


We have set our eyes on becoming one of the best travel agencies in the Middle East and India. We plan to enter into partnerships with travel agencies and government organizations across the globe to strengthen our position as the travel service provider offering all travel and tourism-related services under one umbrella.

Our Mission

Mezoon Travels and Tourism provides quality travel services under one umbrella with a mission to help people travel conveniently across borders for business, personal, tourism purposes. Our work approach is set based on value creation for the customer by saving their time, money, and effort thus establishing a long term clientele.

Our Values

At Mezoon, values are driving factors that help us perform to the best of our abilities. We have set high standards to ensure that we never lag in delivering quality services. We put customer needs first and focus on solutions that will help them get service worth the money they are spending. Our values are the reason for our success.

50000+ UAE business to business
visas issued every month at Mezoon Travels & Tourism

Mezoon Travels & Tourism is one of the leading UAE visa providers in the world. We issue a mind-boggling number of more than 50000 business to business UAE visas to help travellers around the globe to explore UAE and fulfil their dreams.

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