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When it comes to offering quality travel and tourism services, Mezoon Travels & Tourism is the brand endorsed by thousands of customers. The success we have achieved in the travel industry is not an overnight sensation but the result of the pursuit for excellence that we chose to chase throughout the years. It is achieved by the willingness to serve quality travel solutions for the customers every day.

Mezoon Travels & Tourism is a big name, thanks to our team, customers, and stakeholders. The number of business to business visas we issue in the UAE every month is one of the examples of rewards we earned by working hard. We aim to become one of the best travel service providers in the Middle East and India.

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Mezoon Travels & Tourism
Air Ticketing

Mezoon Travels & Tourism provides professional air ticketing services for domestic and international travellers.

Mezoon Travels & Tourism
Mezoon Travels & Tourism
Immigration Assist

Mezoon Travels & Tourism provides reliable immigration assistance services in India and UAE. Our team of experts are well knowledgeable about the immigration requirements and processes for each country in the world. We assist people by completing paperwork to migrate.

Mezoon Travels & Tourism
Global Visa Services

Mezoon Travels and Tourism recieves numerous awards and recogniton and won the confidence of everyone

Mezoon Travels & Tourism
All travel and tourism services available under one umbrella
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50000+ UAE business to business
visas issued every month at Mezoon Travels & Tourism.

Mezoon Travels & Tourism is one of the leading UAE visa providers in the world. We issue a mind-boggling number of more than 50000 business to business UAE visas to help travellers around the globe to explore UAE and fulfil their dreams.

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Mezoon Travels & Tourism
Global Services

We provide global service solutions to help you accomplish your travel goals around the globe without hassles.

Mezoon Travels & Tourism
Affordable Solutions

We make sure that every penny you spend with us converts into the moments you cherish for a long time.

Mezoon Travels & Tourism
Multiple Branches

Mezoon Travels and Tourism provides best quality travel services from the UAE and India.

Our Highlights

Dare to explore the wonders on Earth?

A great man once said, "We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us". We all indeed love travelling to explore different parts of the world. Travelling comes with plenty of benefits without a doubt. It helps us adapt and understand new ways of life, and it gives us new eyes with which we can perceive the world better. Mezoon Travels & Tourism provides international tour packages and domestic tour packages for those who love discovering beautiful places around the globe.

Our tour experts plan travel packages to destinations that you will cherish for a long by leaving unforgettable moments in your memory. We cover all the popular destinations such as Europe, Dubai, the USA, New Zealand, and many more.

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Leading Hajj and Umrah Services

Hajj & Umrah

It is the dream of every Muslim around the globe to land their feet on the holy cities of Mecca And Medina to perform Hajj and Umrah. The pilgrimage of such importance and the rituals associated are not easy things to complete as it takes days of dedication and commitment. Mezoon takes pride in helping Muslims to accomplish the most decorated and once in a lifetime duty. We have been serving the guests of Allah and the prophet Ibrahim for many years to achieve this great purpose.

Mezoon offers various packages for the believers to perform the Hajj and Umrah. The quality and care we provide with our Hajj and Umrah services are the trademarks of Mezoon in serving this great purpose. If you are looking for a dedicated travel agency with scholars and volunteers in the group to complete the pilgrimage successfully, contact us.

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Mezoon Travels & Tourism

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Mezoon Travels and Tourism is a pioneer travel and related service provider in the UAE and India. We have achieved the trust of thousands of customers by providing quality services throughout the years. With Mezoon Travels & Tourism, you will never miss the quality on any of our services Mezoon Travels & Tourism employs experienced professionals with vast knowledge in their domain to serve the customer with quality and care.

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